Southwest Synergy

Big changes are taking shape as the “Airport Gateway” project morphs and expands to benefit what is being called the “Gateway District” encompassing an area from the main campus of FSU to Capital Circle.

How Can I Help You?

For 17 years, PATLive has provided call-center services for automotive and e-commerce companies, health-care providers, home services contractors, law and other professional services firms, insurance and real-estate companies, small businesses and utility companies. Not just any operator will do.

Optimism Pays

Your leadership style — whether positive or negative — matters more than you realize. Optimism in your company starts with you.

VP guides athletics program to reflect FSU’s big picture

Courtesy of FSU Athletics / Mike Olivella Stan Wilcox, Tallahassee; Vice President/Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, Florida State University To Stan Wilcox, Florida State University’s vice president/director of Intercollegiate Athletics, the athletic program is more than a business, more than an…

Making Room for More Good Ol’ Days

Honoring old traditions while embracing new strategies is a key to the success of the largest locally owned hardware store in Tallahassee — J.H. Dowling, which recently celebrated its 70th continuous year of being in business.

The Accidental Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Ed Mansouri is the driving force behind Ucompass, the company that created the hardware and software powering the Florida Virtual School. But his heart has always been in meteorology, and he is starting up another company, WeatherSTEM, which has a wide variety of uses for business and everyday life.

High-End Real Estate

From thousand-acre plantations to multi-million-dollar homes with frontage on the Gulf or one of the region’s many bays, Northwest Florida has a lot to offer to the well-heeled buyer.