850 — The Business Magazine of Northwest Florida - October-November 2017

In a Lifetime, Several Crossroads

A few days a week, you can find me running along a triangle that carries me from Tallahassee’s Merchants Row Boulevard to Tram Road to Capital Circle SE and back to Merchants Row and the point of beginning. Routinely, I…

Preparing Tomorrow’s Workforce

I learned a lot during a recent conversation with Katrina Rolle, the president and CEO of the United Way of the Big Bend. For a long while, I had viewed the United Way as an organization dedicated strictly to raising…

Brief, Execute, Debrief

It’s not your usual leadership training delivered to an audience in banquet chairs. The Blue Angels Foundation issues executives flight suits with squadron patches and informs them that, for 48 hours, they will be living aboard a simulated aircraft carrier at the National Flight Academy.

Business News- Sound Bytes

STATEWIDE STATEWIDE HAPPENINGS » Florida insurance companies are providing a record level of support for the Florida Insurance Industry Scholarship Program, helping low-income families across the state send their children to schools best suited to their needs. To date in 2017, Florida insurance companies have committed…

State of Play

North Florida gaming interests are going to have to hold ’em. The 2017 Florida Legislature played things close to the chest, failing to pass a comprehensive gambling bill. Slot machines favored by the Senate were a major sticking point.