Writing Code

The demand for certain high-tech skills has grown much faster than the supply. Computer code schools are emerging to groom candidates to fill IT jobs.

Veteran Entrepreneurs Victorious in Florida

For military veterans desiring to go into business, the Veterans Florida Entrepreneurship Program offers tuition-free online and on-campus instruction. The program, which extends to seven partner campuses in Florida, feels to some participants like another boot camp.

The Cutting Edge

Catalyst Fabric Solutions, which instead of store-housing inventory actually makes products as customers order them online, is bringing new jobs to Marianna.

Open For Business

A smaller version of its former self, The St. Joe Company has put much of its hopes for the future in Northwest Florida’s basket and into the hands of a man who has spent three decades in the region.

Aerial Opportunists

In just a few years, drones have evolved from a hobby device to a serious industrial tool. With the industry taking off, expect to see more of them, especially over outdoor events, industrial sites and real estate.