Room at the Inn

Visitors to Tallahassee will soon have more options to rest for the night, or longer. Seven hotel projects are either under construction or proposed for Tallahassee, prospectively adding nearly 1,000 new rooms.

New Communities

Dramatic new real estate developments are changing the streetscapes around Tallahassee and are changing how Tallahasseans live, work, play and shop. The result is new lifestyles.

Focus on the Good

Debbie Ritchie, president of the Studer Group, discusses how the organization helps health-care service providers get healthy and improve patient experiences.

A Two-Fold Purpose

Steve Bornhoft A summertime STEM camp hosted by FSU PC introduced students to sharks and dogfish to spark their interest in biology and other sciences. STEM curriculum aims to launch early academic pursuit of science, technology, engineering and math.  …