SCI launches new “Angel” fundraiser to provide training to businesses and people struggling financially

Photo Courtesy Of Macy Williams, Catalyst Hre
Photo courtesy of Macy Williams, Catalyst HRE

PENSACOLA, Fla. — Studer Community Institute (SCI) has launched a fundraising campaign to financially assist business owners, leaders and employees struggling during the coronavirus pandemic.

The campaign, “SCI Angel Fund,” has a goal of raising $50,000 to provide access to mentorship and fundamental workplace skills training for upwards of 1,000 individuals.

America’s small businesses are the real engine of our local, regional and national economy, and the COVID-19 pandemic is a human tragedy, affecting hundreds of thousands of people. The virus is also having a growing impact on the global economy with furloughs, job losses and business closures on a national and local level. It could be one of the largest destroyers of jobs in human history.

“Business owners and leaders need our help. We care very deeply about these people, and when they are struggling to stay afloat, developing their employees’ skillsets is likely to be found at the bottom of their priority list when it really should be at the top,” said chief leadership development officer Rachael Gillette.

“Everyone has been affected in one way or another. It’s our family and friends who have closed their doors, lost their job, or had hours drastically cut. We need to help businesses reopen, rehire and retrain.”

We invite those who can give something to become an SCI Angel Investor and help those struggling financially to get the skills training they need during this pandemic.

In addition, businesses and individuals may apply for Angel Assistance. The application allows for people to select which skills training is needed for them and their teams.

In response to the hard-hitting coronavirus, SCI has focused on supporting the needs of affected businesses in Pensacola and across the U.S by offering free virtual training events and mentorship programs throughout the month of April. 

As a result of providing these free virtual resources, SCI has nearly doubled the amount of businesses served and individuals registered.

“Learning is a continuous journey, and SCI offers valuable information for professionals at different stages of their career. Improving my skills will not only enrich my professional value but also Catalyst’s,”  says Stephanie Robinson, marketing coordinator for Catalyst HRE.

Since January, the Institute’s Leadership Development programs and services have had a bigger impact than ever before, providing more than 3,000 hours of training to people across 31 states.



“At times like these, great leaders look inward and use the time to regroup — or, as Dr. Stephen Covey would say, sharpen the saw,” says SCI founder Quint Studer.

“Pausing gives us the chance to work on our business (not just in our business) in a way we can’t do when things are booming. Right now, we may have time to invest in our people, facilities, client relationships and plans for the future. Then, when the downturn reverses and the economy comes surging back, we will be ready to catch the wave.”

Studer Community Institute says the money raised will help employees and business leaders “catch the wave,” growing skills and preparing their businesses for a comeback stronger than ever before. If the goal of $50,000 can be met, the impact on Pensacola’s business community will be a game-changer.

To donate, apply for assistance or learn more, visit the Institute’s website.


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