Sacred Heart Acquires New Air Ambulance

Look to the skies. The newest tool in the Sacred Heart Health System is a new air ambulance that is larger, faster and can really go the distance. 

The new member of the AIRHeart team, the Bell 407 helicopter, arrived on Aug. 26 and is based in Crestview.

The new copter run 20 to 30 miles an hour faster than the aircraft it replaces and holds more fuel so it can travel greater distances if need be. Also, the previous helicopter had a very limited patient-weight capacity of 250 lbs., depending on crew weight. The Bell 407 can handle patient weight up to 475 lbs., depending on crew weight. The 407 is also equipped with floats, which allows it to land on water. Cost of the new helicopter, including interior patient-care equipment, is $6 million. 

Ron Mosley

With this addition, Sacred Heart’s air ambulance service will still be the only one in the area specially equipped and staffed to provide fetal monitoring and neonatal transports, as well as transports of patients requiring cardiac balloon pumps, according to Ron Mosley, Sacred Heart’s director of Transport Services.

Currently, AIRHeart covers Northwest Florida, South Alabama and Southwest Georgia.

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