Proud of Your Multitasking Abilities?

Be careful. It could make you sick — or kill you.

Recent research conducted by Stanford University concludes that multitasking can reduce your efficiency and performance. But Anne Grady, an entrepreneur, mother and author, warns it can become an addicting behavior with harmful side effects that include excessive stress. And high stress levels have been linked to heart disease, cancer and other deadly diseases.

In order to keep our physical and mental health in check, Grady suggests four brain-saving tips to help.

First, find your priorities. Make a list of what matters most to you and rank them. This list it will enable you to focus on one priority at a time based on what takes precedence. 

Once your priorities are set, rank your performance of each one. A one is poor, a 10 is perfect. Your goal is not necessarily to make drastic increases in a short amount of time, but  to make slight improvements in order to reach your goal. 

Now you can devote yourself to what really matters. Grady suggests focusing 80 percent of your time on your top three to five priorities. Make sure you have the emotional and physical energy to devote to them, because you should not have to apologize for spending time on them. 

Her last tip is to cut out the interruptions. One of the biggest risks that threaten our priorities are distractions caused by multitasking. Some of these interruptions include social media, phone calls or even emails. These distractions can detract 10 to 15 minutes of our day, possibly more time when you have to re-engage on your task. Grady suggests turning off technology and notifications unless it is absolutely necessary to have them on. 

"If we save 30 minutes a day being more productive – the time it takes for two or three interruptions – that is the equivalent of having an extra 22 days a year," Grady says.

Take it from Grady, as an accomplished speaker and author of 52 Strategies of Life, Love and Work, multitasking is not the way to go. Set your priorities, accomplish them and remember one task at a time. 

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