Letters to the Editor – Feb/Mar 2010

Originally published in the Feb/Mar 2010 issue of 850 Business Magazine


Wow!!! What a GREAT magazine. I read a lot of magazines across a broad spectrum of interests. 850 is one of the best. I do have one quibble, however. The magazine infers that Monticello is the eastern terminus of the 850 area code. That is not the case. The 850 area code has as its eastern border Madison and Taylor counties. Please consider extending your content coverage to include all of the area.

Your magazine has already given some nice (and long overdue) coverage to rural areas in the 850. Too often, rural areas are given short shrift when it comes to meaningful attention to their economic development efforts and challenges. It is a breath of fresh air to have a magazine not only mention but feature rural areas. Keep up the wonderful work, and think about Madison and Taylor counties in future issues!

Doug Brown, Madison, FL

Editors Note: Madison and Taylor counties are indeed part of the 850 area code and we hope to add coverage of those areas in the near future.


Read (Scott Jackson’s “Force Fields”) article in the (December 2009–January 2010) 850 magazine and enjoyed the balance you gave to the military areas of Northwest Florida and the impacts. Cool picture on the cover also. Nice writing.

Larry Sassano, Fort Walton Beach


I liked the tie-in from the Disney story to the need for us in the community world or business world to keep an open mind and explore possibilities. (Publisher’s Letter, December 2009 – January 2010 issue). I enjoy 850 and am glad you were creative and others kept an open mind. Keep it up.

Kenneth S. Armstrong, Ph.D. , Tallahassee



In the “Force Fields” article, which appeared in the December 2009–January 2010 issue of 850 Business Magazine, Eglin’s commander should have been identified as Major General Charles Davis.