Did You Know?


According to the Hass Center for Business Research and Economic Development, while the size of the total military force in the U.S. declined by 23.7 percent from 1975 to 2005, the military employment in Escambia County declined by more than 12 percent. In Okaloosa County it dropped by 12.4 percent and in Santa Rosa County, 43 percent. At the same time, military employment in Florida declined by almost 15 percent.


210%: The average earning per military job relative to other jobs in Escambia County. (In Okaloosa it was 199 percent and in Santa Rosa County, 323 percent.)


“I see a renewed realization of advertising and public relations. People are getting the idea that one shouldn’t be without the other. There is no doubt that press is powerful, but you can’t lose sight of advertising. It’s all a balance.”—Madra McDonald, owner, M Public Relations, from the story starting on page 83.