Tim Krueger: Easy Rider

Clearly, Krueger is no average stockbroker — and no average motorcyclist, for that matter. Tim Krueger: Easy RiderSenior Vice President of Investments, Merrill Lynch

When he isn’t analyzing markets, meeting with clients over his impeccably clean desk, spending time with his family or petitioning to make the city of Destin more bicycle-friendly, you’re likely to find financial adviser Tim Krueger relaxing on his Harley Davidson, clad in full-blown biker garb.

Clearly, Krueger is no average stockbroker — and no average motorcyclist, for that matter. He is founder and senior member of the financial advisory team The Krueger Group. In the current economy it is a job that keeps him busier than ever.

“Clients really need stockbrokers in this market,” Krueger says. “We are working longer hours and looking for better solutions.”

Nevertheless, Krueger presses on with numerous community involvements and a well of enthusiasm for his job.

“Every day, I battle wits with the market. There is always something new to learn and new people to meet,” he says. “People want to grow and prosper. It is a drive of the human spirit.” — Jennifer Ewing

1. Vacation plans: I am going to St. Petersburg, Russia, to visit one of my best friends.

2. My zone: My favorite hobby is being a dad. I have a 15-year-old son and a 12-year-old daughter; being a father gives me a sense of purpose.

3. First job: I started a lawn practice when I was 9 years old. I used my profits to buy my own lawn mower, but the store manager wouldn’t make the sale until I came back with my mom!

4. I never leave home without: Business cards.

5. Pets: I have a Yorkie named Jude and a golden lab named Rudy. When I met my wife I told her that I was going to emigrate her, marry her and name our kids Rudy and Judy. She drew the line at naming the kids, but my prediction still came true!

6. Role model: Warren Buffet. He is a visionary and … on any given day he is either the wealthiest or second wealthiest person in the U.S. Yet, through it all, he appears humble and folksy.

7. Major aggravations: Politicians who say anything to get elected, corporate CEOs who will do anything to make their quarterly numbers and slow drivers in the fast lane.

8. Looking ahead: In the future, I would like to see an innovation that could filter which e-mails are worth reading.

9. Biggest stress: The market’s inherent volatility and the mindset that it puts our clients in.

10. Comfort zone: My Harley Davidson. I go on trips and aimless drives, often with my wife, groups of friends or clients.

11. On the desk: The only things on my desk right now are research reports, a big glass of water and some client portfolios. I keep a pretty neat desk.

12. Pet peeve: Mediocrity. I think you should always attempt to be excellent at what you do.