The Impact of Foreign Trade Missions on Florida Businesses

International Trade and foreign-direct investment accounted for about one-sixth of Florida’s economic output last year, supporting an estimated one million jobs. Florida has the highest trade surplus among all states, with total trade exports plus imports hitting a record $162.2 billion. Enterprise Florida Inc., a partnership between Florida’s businesses and government leaders, is the state’s principal economic development organization and actively works to connect local businesses with foreign trade partners.  

The outcome of some major international trade shows attended by Enterprise Florida and Florida businesses:


Paris Air Show

Industry: Aviation/Aerospace; Defense/Homeland Security
Participants: 17
Projected Export Sales: $151 million

Trade and Development Mission, Singapore and Malaysia

Participants: 19
Projected Export Sales: $50 million

Trade and Development Mission, Peru

Participants: 58
Projected Export Sales: $36 million

Medica, Germany

Industry: Life Sciences
Participants: 25
Projected Export Sales: $151 million

Arab Health, United Arab Emirates

Industry: Life Sciences
Participants: 31
Projected Export Sales: $155 million

Hospitalar 2015, Brazil

Industry: Life Sciences
Participants: 9
Projected Export Sales: $31 million


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