Tallahassee Executives, Lend Us Your Ear

What do execs really think about work, play and the beach? We asked a few at the Tallahassee Chamber's Community Conference in August.

What Execs Admit Out of the Office Originally published in the Oct/Nov 2010 issue of 850 Magazine

In a completely unscientific poll, 850 Magazine asked business leaders attending the annual Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce Community Conference at the Hilton Sandestin about everything from their e-mail habits and hobbies to thoughts on oil drilling and the governor’s race. Here’s what they had to say:

Did you carpool to get here or drive alone?

Alone 35%

With spouse 35%

Carpool 29%

With dog 1%

Do you support oil drilling 100 miles off Florida’s coast?

Yes 20%

No 80%

“With the necessary safeguards.” “Not within 20 miles.” “Not any more!”

Do you view this trip as vacation or work?

Vacation 0%

Work 67%

Both 33%

Who is taking care of business while you’re here?

“Technology makes it easy to take care of business wherever you are.” “My team.” “My very capable managers.” “Me, by phone.” “Office phones forwarded to Blackberry!” “Husband.”

Who do you think is the greatest American business person alive?

“Colin Powell.” “Founder of Starbucks.” “Warren Buffett.” “Steve Jobs.” “Richard Florida.” “Oprah Winfrey.” “Lance Armstrong, athlete and business person.” “Small business owners.”

What do you do to relax?

“Travel.” “Golf.” “Drink a beer.” “Sweat therapy fitness.” “Ride my road bike.” “Cooking.” “Raise orchids.” “Read by the pool.” “Go to a spa.” “Ride motorcycles!”

Who do you think is the best Florida gubernatorial candidate for entrepreneurs? 
(This poll was taken before the Aug. 24 primary.)

Alex Sink 40%

Bud Chiles 7%

Rick Scott 13%

Bill McCollum 7%

All of the above 6%

None of the above 27%

Do you plan to take a dip in the Gulf while you’re here?

Yes 47%

No 47%

Probably 6%

“Sure — and eat seafood!”

“At least my toes.”

What is the best way to help Northwest Florida’s economy improve?

“Looking at our area as a region.” “Reduce government regulations.” “Get rid of the perception that we have an oil issue.” “Take advantage of the new Panama City airport.”

ON THE RECORD The business leaders we interviewed included: Chris Jensen, Jim Hunt, Kimberly Moore, Nick Waller, Warren Jones, Tammy Nguyen, Kim Williams, Anneliese Oppenheim, Terri Jackson, Matt Brown, Chucha Barber, Mickey Moore, Bud Wethington, Sean Pittman, Karen Moore, Mark O’Bryant.