Jolly Bay sues Walton County

FREEPORT — Landowner Jolly Bay LLC has sued Walton County seeking to reverse the county commission’s decision to deny its project.

  The planned development, which would include a recreational vehicle park, a bed & breakfast, a 73-unit condominium, a boat-docking facility and commercial spaces, is located one-half mile from the northeast U.S. 331 bridge landing off Jolly Bay Road.

   The County Commission, on September 22, 2008, denied the project after receiving public opposition to the project, which would be situated on 17 acres of a 60-acre tract.

   Developers worked with the county’s planning department staff over a two-year period to design the project, which was unanimously approved by the planning commission.

   “It has cost this landowner millions of dollars and now they have no choice but to go to the court system to seek a remedy,” said Dana Matthews, attorney for Jolly Bay.

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