Helpmates for a busy winter

Winter is tedious. Try these handy devices to make your exec life a little easier (and enjoyable).

Company Perks: Helpmates Compiled by Tisha Crews Keller Originally published in the Feb/Mar 2011 issue of 850 Business Magazine



This is no Roomba. The Mint is a robotic floor cleaning appliance designed exclusively for hard surface floor cleaning (especially good for offices) — and it uses navigation tech and Swiffer refills to get the job (efficiently) done. $199, and Bed Bath & Beyond stores.







beingtheboss-bookWISE WORDS


Heralded by many as a 2011 must-read, Linda Hill’s new tome offers insight and real-world wisdom for managing yourself, your team and your surroundings for success. $25.95, bookstores.











Snag the hottest trend by wearing your iPod Nano as a wristwatch — just snap it into Minimal’s LunaTik silicone and stainless steel wristband and fire up the Nano’s clock app. Tunes and time all your own. $69.95,










pare*umbrella’s 24-rib, dome shaped parapluie is as utilitarian as it is beautiful. The high-performance water repellent fabric holds its own and the mechanism works almost effortlessly. Rafael men’s umbrella in olive green, $89,










Rev up your day with Motegrappa’s Alfa Romeo-inspired commemorative ballpoint pen made with carbon fiber and sterling silver. Italy’s storied pen-maker puts elegance at your fingertips — literally. $995,








This hand-sized device delivers all your iTunes content — including movies, TV shows, photos, music and podcasts — directly and wirelessly to your flatscreen. Don’t forget easy entertainment rentals directly through apple TV and even Netflix streaming through the device. $99,