Help For the Oyster Industry On the Way

Some federal help is on the way for the Franklin County oyster industry, which has been devastated by drought and over-harvesting after the 2010 Gulf oil spill. The U.S. Department of Commerce has approved $6.3 million in disaster assistance funding for Apalachicola Bay. The funding is for the affected oyster industry and can be used to help the restoration of the bay and affected oystermen. 

 “This $6.3 million in assistance funding will help to provide immediate assistance to strengthen both Franklin County and the entire Apalachicola Region," said Gov. Rick Scott, who had sought the federal help. "We will be able to help the families of our oystermen devastated by the collapse of Apalachicola Bay, and provide job training so families in the region are able to support their loved ones for generations to come.”  

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