Fast Ball: Dale Brill, Ph.D.

As Director of the Office of Tourism, Trade and Economic Development, Dale Brill finds thrill in his work and in helping people find their corporate stride. By Tisha Crews KellerFast Ball: Dale Brill, Ph.D.Director, Office of Tourism, Trade and Economic Development, Office of Governor Charlie Crist By Tisha Crews Keller

A self-confessed Energizer Bunny, Dale Brill finds thrill in his work and in helping people find their corporate stride. He thrived as a college professor at Boston and Florida State Universities; spent most days on the road as business and IT integration guru for General Motors Corp.; and was the tourism mindshare maestro as Chief Marketing Officer for VISIT FLORIDA. As head of the Governor’s economic stimulus engine, Brill worked with Enterprise Florida and other gubernatorial staffers to plot the course for  the Governor’s recent European business development trip.

Dale Brill. Photo By Scott HolsteinYears spent on the road have always been part and parcel for Brill – in the tourism industry he was on the road an average of 150 days a year. Home is a bit more accessible in Charlie’s office, and Brill has found that developing a routine for professional – and personal – fulfillment is well worth the effort. When he is at home, you’ll usually find him on the baseball diamond.

  1. Always with me: My BlackBerry smartphone.
  2. Favorite way to travel: Private jet. I got very spoiled during my time at General Motors. Today, I’ll do just about anything to avoid commercial flight, which means a lot of driving.
  3. Travel tip: The only consistent routine I’ve had over the years is the same prayer I offer before every flight.
  4. After hours: I’m not very good at relaxing. But I do turn off the work day when I’m playing baseball with the Tallahassee Bombers. Nothing beats the sound of steel cleats clicking through the dugout while dodging errant launches of tobacco spit on your way to the batter’s box.
  5. Current obsession: Canon 5D digital camera and an iMac with Aperture software.
  6. Me time: My favorite spot on Earth (outside Florida) would have to be trolling for walleye in a small boat with my dad and brother along a stretch of water just off the southern Kawishiwi River shoreline near Ely, Minnesota.
  7. Business must-have: Innovative people. If you’re doing business today the same way you did five years ago, you’ll be out of business within two.
  8. Keeping up: The Wall Street Journal’s Web site, Florida Trend’s e-blasts, Harvard Business School articles – and now 850 Magazine – keep my finger on the business pulse. Most of all, I benefit from business leaders who are kind enough to send articles, call or grab me for one-on-one conversations.
  9. Best comfort food: Chicken shawarma plate at Sahara Greek & Lebanese Café on Lafayette Street in Tallahassee. Be sure to get a Lebanese tea to go.
  10. Staving off jet lag: Tons of water and strategic sleep patterns. When I land after a long flight, I give myself a 45-minute power nap with the curtains open so my body isn’t fooled into full shut-down mode. Then I fix hot tea and grab a light meal.
  11. Best in-flight entertainment: The person sitting next to me. I’m amazed by the spectrum of the human race.