The Gulf Coast is Here

Don't overlook a market that is more than ready for development.

photo courtesy of beck partners


Forget Nashville, Charleston and Savannah — if you are going there to invest, you’re late to the party. Come to the Gulf Coast and be an early adopter.

I want you to get excited about the Gulf Coast. Before the Navy brought me to the Gulf Coast in 2011, I had never heard of Pensacola. I was always destined to return to New York City and work in Manhattan in some form of finance, like all of my friends’ parents, but the good fortune of meeting my future wife opened the doors to a completely new world. This world featured an extremely high quality of life and low stress compared to the hustle and bustle of the big city. In my opinion, when you have a commute of 12 minutes, you know you are doing it right.

Sure, this might mean a smaller market than most big cities, but it is growing at an astronomical rate with something new and exciting hitting the streets every week. The residents are filled with hope and invest their lives in the future of the community. Young professionals that once moved away after college are now coming home.

As a commercial real estate agent, I see the development of the Gulf Coast first-hand. More national and regional retailers are bringing their concepts the Gulf Coast.

It is not simply an attempt to fill in the gaps between Jacksonville and New Orleans, it is a golden opportunity to capitalize on one of the fastest growing regions of the United States. Pensacola recently finished a 258-unit apartment building in the heart of downtown.

The ground floor is also flush with retail.

This type of enhancement of the central business district is a prime example of the commitment companies such as Studer Properties have made in the Gulf Coast.

If you are an industrial giant or captain of industry, you should not worry about a lack of great talent if you move your HQ or large production facility here.

Great talent will follow you to the Gulf Coast because people will want to live and raise their families here. For example, take Ascend Performance Materials.

They are the world’s largest, fully integrated producer of nylon, and they attract some of the brightest minds in the country.

Talent will come to work at their facility in Pensacola because the quality of life is high — having the beast beaches in the country is also a plus.

The workforce also continues to grow as Navy Federal Credit Union builds their footprint with thousands of new employees each year.

The military population continues to grow at NAS Pensacola, the cradle of Naval Aviation, NAS Whiting Field, the busiest airport in the U.S. Military, and Eglin/Hurlburt/Duke Field, which has become a joint U.S. military operation hub.

Finally, having three major hospitals in Pensacola give it a vibrant medical community not seen by any city of its size in the country.

Come to the Gulf Coast, you will not be disappointed. Worst-case scenario, you enjoy the most beautiful beaches the U.S. has to offer — and you will meet some of the nicest people on the planet.