2015 Pinnacle Award Winners

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Augusta West

A frequent visitor to Northwest Florida’s coast since her youth, Augusta West always hoped that some day she would end up living and working here. Today, she does. And in her role as executive director of Historic Apalachicola Main Street, her job is to make this an even better area for local businesses, residents and visitors.

“It’s a beautiful small town with a lot to offer. There’s natural beauty, the nearby beaches, the history, the culture. I’m fortunate enough to make it my home,” says West, 40, who grew up in Thomasville, Georgia.

It isn’t quite where you’d expect a Zoology major to end up, but she says there are many aspects of science that transfer well to the world of non-profits, including the ability to do research, analyze data and work collaboratively. This is her third non-profit job, having previously worked as the coordinator of annual giving for the Florida State University Foundation and at the Apalachicola Maritime Museum.

“I’m like a lot of people who end up doing something completely different with their life than what they had planned on or went to school for,” she says.

A focus of Main Street is to promote Apalachicola as a year-round destination, preserve the area’s history, enhance the attractiveness of the town and promote the offerings of local businesses. The organization, only four years old, has been a sponsor of the popular Independence Eve celebration (on July 3) and an antique car show in the fall designed to attract visitors that might opt to spend the weekend in town. And it recently received funding from Visit Florida to help jumpstart an historic plaque program that West hopes may someday turn into a walking tour of the town.

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