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All About Santa Rosa April - May 2017

All About Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa County sits in the midst of a six-county area of Northwest Florida that has the highest concentration of military retirees in the U.S., providing a trained and ready workforce. There are more than 31,000 military retirees in Santa Rosa alone — and approximately 100,000 military veterans in Santa Rosa and neighboring counties combined.

Tsunami Ready April - May 2017

Tsunami Ready

If you thought tsunamis couldn’t happen along the Gulf Coast — you were wrong. Santa Rosa County has prepared a safety plan for tsunami preparedness — the first of its kind in the region.

Military April - May 2017


Home to one of the largest and most active naval aviation bases in the world, Santa Rosa County’s economy gets a major boost from businesses that cater to or work with the military. With hundreds of defense contractors, land available for development and a sizeable trained workforce, the county’s economic development office is making a push to get the word out that the county is at the “heart of a growing aerospace cluster.”

Oysters April - May 2017


An area known for its blue-green waterways and rich ecosystems, Santa Rosa County is currently working on a project that could improve the quality of marine life — and perhaps economic development — for years to come. The county has been working with scientists at the Nature Conservancy since 2015 on the Pensacola East Bay Oyster Habitat Restoration Project — a multi-phase endeavor that’s being funded by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s Gulf Environmental Benefit Fund.