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Tallahassee Has Come A Long Way December - January 2015

Tallahassee Has Come A Long Way

When it comes to economic development, where has Tallahassee been and where is it going? What sparked the change?

Angel Investors December - January 2015

Angel Investors

They don’t have wings but they do have money ready to lift the dreams of enterprising entrepreneurs.

Keeping Talent At Home December - January 2015

Keeping Talent At Home

The Economic Development Council of Tallahassee/Leon County is focused on keeping and growing local businesses.

Syn-Tech December - January 2015


This local business has a yearly revenue of $36 million and produces a fuel management system serving nearly 6,000 clients.

Research and the Economy December - January 2015

Research and the Economy

Research at Florida State University attracts more than $200 million in support from federal sources, private foundations and state agencies — and often leads to development of new companies.

Made in Tallahassee December - January 2015

Made in Tallahassee

Celebrating home-made success stories, one company at a time.

Wanted: Homegrown Doctors December - January 2015

Wanted: Homegrown Doctors

Florida State University is changing the face of medical care in North Florida, an important tool in economic development.

Airport Redux December - January 2015

Airport Redux

With its new “international” designation, Tallahassee’s airport is open to the world’s passengers and cargo.

Breaking Records December - January 2015

Breaking Records

Tallahassee has enjoyed six consecutive years of record-breaking tourism.