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Choose Tallahassee Courts Retiring Northerners December - January 2014

Choose Tallahassee Courts Retiring Northerners

There’s a major drive to attract retiring baby boomers to Tallahassee.

Incubating New Business December - January 2014

Incubating New Business

Budding entrepreneurs have a place where they can find help to start a business — from legal and accounting advice to a mentor willing to listen.

Baby Boomers Booming December - January 2014

Baby Boomers Booming

Tallahassee/Leon County seeing an increasing number of 65-plus residents.

Building the ‘Cool Factor’ December - January 2014

Building the ‘Cool Factor’

Creating a hipper scene near the universities for students and young professionals is part of a plan to retain young talent after they graduate.

Downtown Transformation December - January 2014

Downtown Transformation

A revitalization and transformation of downtown Tallahassee is shifting the focus away from lobbyist offices to places like Cascades Park, where there’s plenty for the family to do, new nightspots and eateries.

FSU and Politics Draw Tourists December - January 2014

FSU and Politics Draw Tourists

College sports and the Florida Legislature bring lots of tourists to town, but the county’s tourism promoters say there is plenty more to do and see in the area.

Real Estate Resurgence December - January 2014

Real Estate Resurgence

Local experts say that the county’s real estate market is experiencing a resurgence after the downturn of the Great Recession.

Seminole Student Startups December - January 2014

Seminole Student Startups

Tallahassee’s unique compilation of collegiate brainpower and passion makes it a safe haven for student startups.

Sparking Innovation December - January 2014

Sparking Innovation

How cutting-edge research turns into jobs.

The Crystal Connection December - January 2014

The Crystal Connection

With help from the MagLab and the Tallahassee business community, a new high-tech business begins to bloom