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Archive of: 2014 Bay County Business Journal



Frank Brown Park October - November 2014

Frank Brown Park

Sports of all sorts is big business in Bay County, attracting tournaments from across the country.

Tourism Strong October - November 2014

Tourism Strong

The beach is big business, attracting tens of thousands of visitors each year, but so is shopping at Pier Park and attractions like Miracle Strip and Grand Lagoon.

Back to the Easel October - November 2014

Back to the Easel

Putting a new focus on how schools can better train a workforce that will enhance economic development efforts.

A Tale of Two Fisheries October - November 2014

A Tale of Two Fisheries

Commercial versus recreational fishing. What does the future hold for each?

New Direction For West Bay October - November 2014

New Direction For West Bay

The St. Joe Company has unveiled a 50-year development plan for West Bay, and the county’s old airport is being converted to a new mixed-use development.

Air and Sea Connections October - November 2014

Air and Sea Connections

A major Gulf deepwater port and a new international airport have become major economic drivers in Bay County.

Taking Care of Business October - November 2014

Taking Care of Business

The Bay Economic Development Alliance's effort is aimed at expanding economic development in Bay County

Keeping Bay County Healthy October - November 2014

Keeping Bay County Healthy

Care given by local hospitals and rehab centers has evolved to where it’s as good as any in the state.

Economic Force Multiplier October - November 2014

Economic Force Multiplier

Because it is home to a U.S. Air Force base and a key Navy testing facility, the military is a major contributor to the Bay County economy.