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Medical Marijuana Update December - January 2017

Medical Marijuana Update

Via constitutional amendment, Florida legalized medical marijuana in 2016. Reconciling the right of access thus created with a federal prohibition on marijuana possession hasn’t been easy.

Unfinished Business October - November 2017

Unfinished Business

The 2017 legislative session resulted in limited lawmaking affecting businesses, but funding was preserved for tourism promotion and economic development.

It's the Law February - March 2017

It's the Law

The Florida Legislature convenes its 2017 session, prepared to tackle a slew of issues that affect business, including worker compensation, education & water availability.

Governing Excellence February - March 2017

Governing Excellence

Barry Shields begins preparing the Governor’s Club early for an onslaught of business when legislators come to town.

Graham For Hard Work April - May 2015

Graham For Hard Work

R. Gwen Graham reflects on her 1st few months in office & her hopes for NW FL.

Living a Dream December - January 2014

Living a Dream

The behind-the-scenes story of Raimund Herden, the visionary behind Bluewater Bay who has lived the American dream.

Crist v. Scott October - November 2014

Crist v. Scott

Gov. Rick Scott and former Gov. Charlie Crist, talk about their vision for NWFL economic development.

Legislature Duped Locals August - September 2014

Legislature Duped Locals

When the Legislature adjourned and went home in May, what did lawmakers do to make life better for business?

Florida Legislature Approves Measures to Help Economic Development June - July 2013

Florida Legislature Approves Measures to Help Economic Development

When the Legislature went home, this is what they did for — and to — business.

A Conversation with Florida Senate President Don Gaetz February - March 2013

A Conversation with Florida Senate President Don Gaetz

The Niceville Republican talks about his career, his hopes for Northwest Florida and what he hopes to accomplish over his two-year term at the Senate's helm.