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More Than Just Numbers April - May 2017

More Than Just Numbers

Winston Howell changed his college major 14 times before settling on accounting. Today he is the managing shareholder of the fast-growing Thomas Howell Ferguson CPAs.

Women Take Flight April - May 2017

Women Take Flight

While women have made great strides in a variety of careers and industries, there is still a gender gap when it comes to female aviators. Tallahassee business partners Lacey Smith and Faith Drewry — cofounders of FL Aviation Center — think today’s women need to see more of their contemporaries making a real, viable, everyday career in aviation.

Flying Private April - May 2017

Flying Private

Adjacent to Northwest Florida’s major airports and tucked in smaller, out-of-the way airfields, fixed base operators are a boost to the region’s economy by helping to keep private planes flying — including those owned by visitors who might be taking a jaunt to the coast for lunch or dinner or to Tallahassee for a legislative hearing. But their major product isn’t necessarily fuel. It’s more to do with customer service — and rolling out the red carpet for visitors who could bring future business to the area.

Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare December - January 2016

Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare

Wave of new physicians reflects TMH’s commitment to excellence

Paying Homage to Heroes October - November 2016

Paying Homage to Heroes

Local businessman Tom Rice of Fort Walton Beach pays back his fellow veterans by paying homage to military heroes.

Entrepreneur-in-Chief August - September 2016


Dr. Susan Fiorito talks about her plans for what will be the nation’s largest interdisciplinary, degree-granting entrepreneurship school once it begins offering college courses in 2017. 

High-Impact Lawyers August - September 2016

High-Impact Lawyers

There are about 5,350 lawyers practicing in Northwest Florida. The vast majority quietly ply their trade in the office. Others have names that were, for a time, or still are at the forefront of public consciousness. Meet 10 such attorneys from throughout the region.

Doolittle Institute February - March 2016

Doolittle Institute

Helping the military and the entrepreneurial community work together in everyone’s best interest — the government and the public.

Local Promoter February - March 2016

Local Promoter

Alicia Booker stresses the importance of mentoring the next generation of business leaders.