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Gearing Up December - January 2017

Gearing Up

At Gulf Coast State College, the Advanced Technology Center is helping to close the “skills gap” by readying students for highly skilled jobs like those being created by GKN Aerospace at its new plant at the Venture Crossings industrial park near Bay County’s airport.

The Future of St. Joe August - September 2017

The Future of St. Joe

A smaller version of its former self, The St. Joe Company has put much of its hopes for the future in Northwest Florida’s basket and into the hands of a man who has spent three decades in the region.

Waterfront Property Finds its Investors  August - September 2017

Waterfront Property Finds its Investors

What’s trending, what’s selling and what’s hot to buy in the 850? Find out here.

Looking to the Future June - July 2017

Looking to the Future

Panama City has some of the finest cataract surgeons around, drawing in doctors from around the country to learn new techniques. And to think it all happened because Dr. Bret Fisher had the desire for a climate change.

Pitch Perfect February - March 2017

Pitch Perfect

Marine Wheels, a small business that works on boat propellers, is a sophisticated operation that knows how to ensure the props on your boat give the best possible performance in the water.

Costa Enterprises: Building a legacy December - January 2016

Costa Enterprises: Building a legacy

Building a legacy, one franchise at a time

The Bleeding Edge August - September 2016

The Bleeding Edge

Randall Shepard turned his real-world experience into a focus on global asset tracking and monitoring that has helped the military and world businesses keep track of their goods.

Taking Flight December - January 2015

Taking Flight

The Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport opened with great fanfare in 2010.

Urban Planning April - May 2015

Urban Planning

The old Bay County airport in Panama City is being transformed into a multi-use development called SweetBay.