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First Place Partners: Where You Can Make a Difference Spring 2018

First Place Partners: Where You Can Make a Difference

A grass-roots, private sector organization where you can have a hand in creating our future well-being.

Penny Sales Tax December - January 2017

Penny Sales Tax

Three times since 1989, Leon County voters have approved adding a penny to the local sales tax. In the third vote in 2014, voters agreed to extend the tax from 2020 to 2040.

A New Place in the Sun December - January 2017

A New Place in the Sun

In February 2016, the Office of Economic Vitality (OEV) was formed as part of a newly created Tallahassee/Leon County department for Planning, Land Management and Community Enhancement — acronym PLACE.

Tax Competitiveness June - July 2017

Tax Competitiveness

Florida Ranks 4th on Tax Competitiveness

More Than Just Numbers April - May 2017

More Than Just Numbers

Winston Howell changed his college major 14 times before settling on accounting. Today he is the managing shareholder of the fast-growing Thomas Howell Ferguson CPAs.

Navy Federal February - March 2017

Navy Federal

World’s largest credit union continues to grow its footprint in Escambia.

Economic Development  February - March 2017

Economic Development

New construction is the backbone of economic growth.

Wheel Deals December - January 2016

Wheel Deals

Nearly one-third of car sales are now leases

Plan Now To Save in 2015 October - November 2014

Plan Now To Save in 2015

With the end of the year quickly approaching, the experts offer up some tips to get you ready for tax season.