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Professional Profile: Simple HR Fall 2018

Professional Profile: Simple HR

From payroll to risk management, Simple HR offers assistance with a seamless process for running a business.

Wi-Files June - July 2017


Businesses like the idea of promoting their services and wares through social media outlets. Here are some tips to help you avoid pitfalls and costly mistakes.

Human Element June - July 2017

Human Element

Your company can gain a strategic and competitive advantage by hiring people who think differently. Find out why a diverse staff is important and how to accomplish it.

Ensuring Equal Opportunity October - November 2016

Ensuring Equal Opportunity

Employers are required to accommodate employees with a broadly expanded list of medical conditions. Make sure you’re following the rules.

The Non-Compete August - September 2016

The Non-Compete

Non-compete clauses are common in many contracts that new employees are required to sign upon hiring. But are they enforceable?

The Fun Factor June - July 2016

The Fun Factor

Employers are working to get their employees more engaged in the company by helping them have fun while on the job.

9 Brain-Aging ‘Sins’ That Kill Your Competitive Edge April - May 2016

9 Brain-Aging ‘Sins’ That Kill Your Competitive Edge

As demands grow and resources shrink, we all struggle to do more with less.