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High-Impact Lawyers August - September 2016

High-Impact Lawyers

There are about 5,350 lawyers practicing in Northwest Florida. The vast majority quietly ply their trade in the office. Others have names that were, for a time, or still are at the forefront of public consciousness. Meet 10 such attorneys from throughout the region.

Fair Labor Standards Act December - January 2013

Fair Labor Standards Act

While most employers are familiar with the minimum wage and overtime requirements, confusion ensues when determining if an employee is entitled to overtime. An exempt employee is not entitled to receive overtime compensation. A nonexempt employee, however, is.

A New Health Insurance Era October - November 2013

A New Health Insurance Era

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) will change the way small businesses and their employees purchase and manage health insurance. Dramatic changes to a complex and personal product such as health insurance present challenges and opportunities for those affected.

Recovering Your BP Losses April - May 2013

Recovering Your BP Losses

Under a new claims process, approved by a federal judge in November, businesses do not have to prove that BP was directly responsible or the direct causation of their revenue losses. Instead, it is a black and white, numbers-driven process.

How And When to Find a Good Attorney For Your Company October - November 2012

How And When to Find a Good Attorney For Your Company

If you're in business, chances are you've already dealt with a situation where you needed an attorney — whether you know it or not. From incorporation to employee I-9 forms, the advice of a competent legal mind can save you money, worry and time in the long run.

2012 Legislature was a big win for business June - July 2012

2012 Legislature was a big win for business

When the Florida Legislature adjourned, a collective sigh could be heard from business interests across the state. Despite lawmakers’ obsession with cutting state spending, they managed to pass a host of bills to benefit business — and hopefully give a little boost to the state’s economic recovery.

Experts at finding expert witnesses June - July 2012

Experts at finding expert witnesses

We’ve all seen them on Law and Order. We might have listened to them while serving jury duty. They provide knowledge and clarity to subjects unknown to most people, including attorneys, allowing courts to make informed decisions. But where do attorneys find them, anyway?